Ganesh Himal Community Foundation + Shiba Hari Rijal

May 19 , 2016

Ganesh Himal Community Foundation + Shiba Hari Rijal

Ganesh Himal community foundation is a foundation totally for serving and helping the people of the rural areas without generating profit. The community is named after the Ganesh Himal (7110m) one of the famous mountain of Nepal and is named from the name of the Hindu deity Ganesha which resembles the elephant. The south face of the Ganesh Himal slightly reflects elephant with its trunk so it is named as Ganesh. The main aim of the foundation is to uplift the education in the different rural areas of the Nepal as well as for the betterment of the living of…

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Markus reich & presdent GHCF visited ongoing school projects Dhading

November 25 , 2015

Mr. Markus Reich from badaussee and our president Shiba Hari Rijal visited our ongoing projects rebuilding Earth quake damage school at Dhading. They have done meeting with principle Rameshwor Rijal and school community member & meet with children from the school and hand over note books, pencils and all other needed equipment for all the students. They are very much Thankful that the students welcome them heartily. The construction process was running smoothly with a proper coordination to establish as a unique school in the Dhading district.

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Donation from the founder of Ganesh Himal Community

November 06 , 2015

The founder of Ganesh Himal Community Foundation Mr. David Wilson and his family donate Nepalese rupees 140000(one lakh forty thousand) for the reconstruction of the school which have been damaged by the massive earthquake and also for the support of GHCF local projects. Mr. David Wilson is a kindhearted person and always wants to help other who are needed, he said that he was so sorry to listen about the earthquake occurs in Nepal and want to help and support the people of Nepal for rebuilding and reconstruction along with coordination of Ganesh Himal Community Foundation.

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Bhume school building project started

October 05 , 2015

Ganesh Himal Community Foundation has started building Bhume school of Dhading district which was fully damaged by the earthquake. The school building is earthquake resistant and we GHFC people are happy to get this kind of infrastructure near our community, where the student can learn in a smooth way. For the building of the school the money have been donated from the Austrian project "bergretter helfen im himalaya" coordinated by Markus Reich founder of GHCF along with Mr. Shiba Hari Rijal and GHCF community team

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Kannya devi School at Satyadevi Dhading

October 02 , 2015

GHCF helped Kannya devi  School Dhading building  simple infrasturcture  that all childern from that village can go to the school. Few month before GHCF hand over 1000 USD to headmaster kannya devi school Satyadevi  dhading. We make sure every single rupees will use for the school rebulding projects. The good day feel-full the dreams of many students!!! April 2015 big earthquake many Nepali people were homeless and many more students they have no school. Ganesh himal community foundation giving hands to those schools to build basic infrastructure those students can go to the school. Today is first school which is completed…

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President of GHCF visited Europe

September 15 , 2015

GHCF president Mr. Shiba Hari Rijal visits Europe, the main propose of the visit was to raise fund of GHCF for building earthquake resistant school in village of Nepal. Mr Rijal also meet many people around Europe those who are interested for helping rebuilding of school. In this visit Tatjana pe donate 350 euro where as Cellen Franko donate 100 Euro for the GHCF. GHCF family is thankful for those who have help and are helping this community from a long time.

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Support to Eradicate Epidemic Diseases

June 23 , 2015

Especial thank to all the friends who have donated in GHCF bank account for helping Nepal:   Name Country Amount Rinner Branduer Austria $1,000 Claire J Flecker USA $250 Aneska Dwin Netherland $130 Manuela Austria $130 Koen and Ludia Rijamnn Austria $500                              These funds were fully utilized for the earthquake victims by GHCF in the rural areas of Nepal. This fund was used for purchasing the cleaning and sanitary items to prevent the victims from different epidemics and communicable disease. The organization provides medicine to purify water, temporary toilets equipments, and many other items regarding sanitation for 150 families in…

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Rebuilding School

June 15 , 2015

The earthquake has damage many schools partially and fully, which create a lot of difficulties to continue school administration for a better education as the building was fully destroyed. Shree Kanya Devi Primary School dhading nepal and Shree Satya Devi Primary School satyadevi VDC, 9 Dhading appealed for help to rebuild their school to our foundation. In regards to their request, with the help of Rs. 1,00,000 from  Local and Community member , GHCF was able to support these school to build temporary school building and help to rebuild school to continue educational service.

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Health campaign for Earthquake Victims

April 30 , 2015

Ganesh Himal Community Foundation also took part in heath campaign at satyadevi VDC and Darkha VDC Dhading Nepal and helped for providing basic treatments and medicines to about 1500 earthquake victims with minor cuts and even refers critically wounded earthquake victims to nearest hospital. GHCF have been supported by the medical personalities of foreign and national Level.

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Earthquake Relief Campaign

April 15 , 2015

We appreciate Markus Reich and Bergretter Helf im Himalaya for donating US$6000 to earthquake relief campaign. These funds were used to purchase 15,000 kg of rice, 500 kg of salt, blankets, zinc tin roofs and other essential basic household items. This organization team was able to provide food and other basic household items to 800 families and about 70 people were able to get job opportunities by being the part of this earthquake relief campaign. The items were distributed equally for all the victims according to effect on them by the earthquake.

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Computer Project

March 01 , 2011

We are thankful to David and Melinda Wilson from Traralgon, Australia for donating $2,000 in our Foundation Account. We are happy to announce that this fund has been used to execute our Computer project. Our crew members were able to buy 4 computers and deliver them to remote area in jeep without caring of the bad impassable road due to monsoon rain and landslides. We are glad that 150 students are benefited from it.

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Our Support To School in Remote Areas

September 24 , 2010

Ganesh Himal Community Foundation is grateful to Nepal Spirit adventure for donation of Rs.3, 00,000 at very beginning of our community projects in 2011. This organization used this fund to add extra classroom to Shree Bhumi Primary School building at Satya Devi, Dhading and also gave blackboard, desk, bench and sport commodities to help school to facilitate their school administration.

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