Support to Eradicate Epidemic Diseases

June 23 , 2015

Especial thank to all the friends who have donated in GHCF bank account for helping Nepal:

Name Country Amount
Rinner Branduer Austria $1,000
Claire J Flecker USA $250
Aneska Dwin Netherland $130
Manuela Austria $130
Koen and Ludia Rijamnn Austria $500                             

These funds were fully utilized for the earthquake victims by GHCF in the rural areas of Nepal. This fund was used for purchasing the cleaning and sanitary items to prevent the victims from different epidemics and communicable disease. The organization provides medicine to purify water, temporary toilets equipments, and many other items regarding sanitation for 150 families in the rural areas. The team and villages took part in cleaning to prevent from contagious diseases

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